Your CareCorral is quick and easy for you to create, as a secure invitation-only web/mobile micro-community of your friends and loved ones, surrounding your pet.

It’s great for keeping your community close surrounding a pet who’s newly adopted, is growing and aging, or in times of heightened anxiety – as a network of support and love. After all…pets heal, age, live, die and grieve a lot like people. They have relationships worth nurturing, lives worth celebrating and stories worth re-living.

A CareCorral makes it easy to share and engage among loved ones in a clear and instant manner – simplifying group connectivity by eliminating confusion or delays that occur when news or requests are filtered through the grapevine. And without needing mass emails that so commonly grow cumbersome. Your circle is able to share supportive messages, and in enabling you (without putting loved ones on-the-spot) to coordinate requests and offers for assistance – allowing friends and family to sign-up as they like, at each member’s own pace, as it is comfortable and convenient for them.

PetNet offers a free service through its partner Prized Pals to help pet owners work through the emotional issues like an illness or death of a beloved pet. There is never any payment needed. PetNet and Prized Pals, helping pet owners have peace of mind.