Animal Essentials for Sick Dog

Raise money for your own pet, vet bills, to rehome a dog or cat, or for your Animal Rescue or Shelter

or for your pet’s Safety Net Plan

EASY SET UP, and fewer fees so you keep more $$


To get started simply click below to fundraise for your pet, rescue or shelter, or to pay for a PetNet Safety Net Plan.

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  • Step 1 – Create your account or login to an existing account

  • Step 2 – Create a New Campaign or continue updating an existing campaign

  • Step 3 – Select one of two fundraising plans:  to fund a Safety Net Plan, or to For Any Animal’s Needs

  • Step 4 – Set your goal to raise money, and tell your story about how the money will be used–example–fund medical expenses for your pet or rescue

  • Step 5 – Add a picture of your pet and if you want, a link to a UTUBE video

  • Step 6 – Now share your story with your friends through Facebook, Twitter, or through email with your link provided by PetNet

Add updates to your story as you get donations!


You can create multiple campaigns easily.

Raise more money with less hassle and fewer fees.