If accepted as a Rescue Partner, PetNet will pay your organization
a fee for each pet accepted, however there is no obligation
for you to accept any pet.

If your organization would like to become a PetNet Rescue Partner, please respond to the following:

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PetNet, LLC (PetNet) agrees to pay the organization set out below (Rescue) a re-homing fee in the amount of $250.00, or such other amount as may be agreed upon on by PetNet on a case by case basis, for each pet (Pet) accepted into Rescue’s program to be re-homed.

Upon physical acceptance of the Pet by Rescue or its agent, Rescue understands and agrees that the Pet becomes the property of the Rescue. Physical acceptance occurs the earlier of the date and time when the Rescue or its agent either picks up the Pet or the Pet is delivered to the Rescue.

In return for the re-homing fee, Rescue agrees to provide food, shelter and medical care as needed for the Pet, and to find a home for the Pet. Rescue agrees that upon acceptance of the Pet by Rescue, that PetNet has no further responsibility to the Rescue for the Pet or liability to the Rescue other than payment of the re-homing fee.

If for any reason the Rescue cannot continue to care for the Pet or is unable re-home the Pet, Rescue agrees to return the Pet to PetNet for re-homing, and the Rescue will return the re-homing fee to PetNet. In that event, the Rescue agrees to sign all necessary paperwork to transfer/surrender the Pet to PetNet as the Pet’s new owner and to provide all records, including administrative records, from the Rescue, and from the Pet’s medical and veterinary care, to PetNet.

Rescue agrees that it will not euthanize the Pet except when necessary to alleviate irremediable suffering of the Pet.

Rescue agrees that will use its best efforts to ensure that any foster for the pet and the new owner has been screened as an appropriate new owner for the Pet.

Rescue agrees that PetNet may show Rescue as a partner organization on PetNet’s public media and information.