We've got a plan for your pet when unexpected life events happen.

PetNet is a safety net for your pet.

When you can no longer care for your beloved pet, like in the event of an illness, death, move, divorce, or a new baby, we will take care of everything from transport to rehoming your pet.

PetNet wants to make sure pet owners have a plan for their pet when an unexpected life event happens.

PetNet is a safety net for your pet that will rehome your pet when a life event happens such as your death or illness, or when another unexpected need occurs, such as a divorce, move or any other unforeseen circumstance.

We partner with rescue organizations with a history of rescuing cats and dogs. We know that putting your pet in a loving home is the best way to provide you peace of mind in the event that something happens to you. We firmly believe in the no-kill movement and work with organizations that share our passion.

PetNet will provide a part of its net profits to rehome the pets of terminally ill persons and active military service personnel who are being deployed.

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PetNet works with reputable rescue organizations nationwide to assure that your beloved pet is rehomed no matter where you live.

Sam's Story

Peace of mind through No‑Kill

Sam is an 8-year-old dog owned by a woman who got him as a puppy. The woman became critically ill with terminal cancer. The owner’s adult children could not take Sam and the owner was heartbroken.

PetNet stepped in, and working with Short Stop Dog Rescue, Inc. in Bryan, Texas, was able to save Sam from the high-kill shelter he was surrendered to by the distraught owner when she could no longer care for him. Sam’s rehoming gave his very ill owner much needed peace of mind that Sam would be well cared for.

How it Works

Choose the PetNet plan that works for you.

Safety Net Plan

Subscription Service

You pay monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Your regular payment assures your beloved pet will be rehomed through our rescue organization partners in the event of your death.

Subscription Service

Rehome Now Plan

One-Time Payment

A one-time fee assures your pet will be placed with a rescue partner organization for rehoming. We arrange the best fit for your pet and take care of everything from transport to rehoming. This plan can be used for an immediate need or to care for your pet when you pass.

One-Time Payment

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PetNet offers this free service through its partner Prized Pals to help pet owners work through the emotional issues like an illness or death of a beloved pet. When you sign up there is never any payment needed.

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